Broadband Services

We offer a range of broadband data services to suit all budget and bandwidth requirements.

All services offer unlimited usage, low contention ratios, quality of service and static IP addresses. 

We are able to provide all of the following services at competive prices.


  • ADSL2+ Broadband - Many products are offered from a range of suppliers, from affordable home worker broadband to dedicated circuits suitable for VOIP or hosted solutions.


  • FTTC - Fibre To The Cabinet broadband is a new service which is currently available at around 500 telephone exchanges. The service is delivered over fibre to the cabinet in the street, allowing download speeds of up to 80 MB and upload speeds of up to 20 MB


  • Leased Lines - This solution involves running fibre directly into the premises, offering upload and download speeds of up to 1000 MB. This solution provides the best possible level of service and speed.


  • EFM - Ethernet First Mile offers a lower cost replacement to the traditional leased line solution, with upload and download speeds of up to 10 MB.


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