FTTC Broadband

FTTC, Fibre To The Cabinet, uses the latest technology to deliver the fastest broadband services to your premises at an affordable monthly cost. FTTC broadband is an asymmetrical service offering download speeds of up to 80 Mb per second, and upload speeds of up to 20 Mb per second.

The service is provided over fibre optic cable to the cabinet in the street, which is then connected to your premises over existing copper cables. Our services are uncontended and have no download limits.

We are able to provide a pre-configured router if required, or you can supply and configure your own preferred brand of router if required. FTTC is ideal for standard business use, such as email, web browsing and file downloads.


  • Up to 80 Mb per second download speed
  • Up to 20 Mb per second upload speed
  • No monthly download limits
  • Uncontended service
  • Static IP address
  • Up to 13 IP addresses available if required
  • Pre-configured router provided if required
  • Fully managed service with 24x7 support available for a flat monthly fee
  • Optional Quality of Service to prioritise VOIP traffic



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