Inbound Numbers

Inbound numbers are available with both geogrpahic (01 & 02) and non-geographic (03 & 08) types of numbers. They can be used with analogue lines, telephone systems and VOIP handsets. They are packed with features to help you manage and track your inbound calls. Using the online portal or mobile app it is possible to monitor the number of inbound calls that are received and how they are handled. Reports can be generated to help track where calls are coming from, the busiest times of the day, how many calls are being answered and other valuable statistics.


  • Establish a national presence with a choice of any 01 or 02 geographic numbers
  • Offer an 0800 Freephone number to customers
  • Offer 0845 local rate numbers
  • Offer 0843 or 0844 flat rate numbers at 5p per minute
  • Offer 03 non-geographic numbers
  • Inbound call routing
  • Call queueing
  • Auto attendant
  • Built in call statistics
  • Re-direction of calls to other locations or to mobile
  • Business continuity
  • Many other optional features are also available, such as call recording




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