Telephone Systems

We are able to supply a new telephone system designed to suit the current needs of your business, as well as providing expansion for the future.

We are also able to offer maintenance and upgrade paths to your current telephone system if required. If we are not familiar with the type of system you have we will find an engineer who is within our network of partners.

A hosted VOIP telephone system can be the perfect solution for businesses requiring one to ten telephone handsets, which can easily be split across more than one location. The arrival of affordable super-fast fibre broadband services has made the provision of larger numbers of handsets on one broadband connection viable. Our VOIP telephone systems offers all the features you could ever need for one low monthly rental charge.

We are also able to help if your requirements are best suited to a traditional telephone system where all the hardware is located on your premises. We are able to supply Alcatel-Lucent and Avaya telephone systems, which are both suitable and cost effective solutions for a system with connectivity provided by ISDN2 or ISDN30 lines. The equipment and licence options for these systems make them suitable for 4 line telephone systems and up to thirty or more staff.

Both the hosted VOIP and more traditional telephone systems can be upgraded with extra hardware, and additional broadband capacity or extra ISDN lines as your business grows.

More information for our hosted VOIP telephone system, as well as Alcatel, Avaya & Panasonic solutions can be found in the drop down menu for Telephone Systems. Please do also contact us for more information.

We are confident that we can provide an effective solution for your requirements at a reasonable cost.

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