Hosted Business VoIP Telephone System


A hosted telephony service provides all the features of an expensive office system for a low monthly rental charge. The service can be provided for any size of business from a single user upwards. The VoIP phones plug directly into a broadband connection, so there is no requirement for any additional lines or associated rental charges. Users can be located anywhere there is a reliable broadband connection, making the system an ideal solution for staff working in multiple locations. Moving office is as simple as taking the VoIP handsets and numbers with you and plugging them into the broadband service at your new premises.

The only up front capital cost is for buying the number of VoIP phones that you require. You then pay a monthly rental per handset which covers the licence fee to use the service. Additional phones can be purchased at any time.

We have a range of competitively priced VoIP handsets available from Cisco, Gigaset, Panasonic, Snom and Yealink to suit all requirements and budgets. The range includes both traditional desk phones and cordless DECT handsets.


Some of the advantages of our cloud hosted VoIP phone system are as follows:

  • Choice of dialling code from anywhere in the UK.
  • Moving office without changing your numbers.
  • Direct dial numbers for all users.
  • Voicemail for all users.
  • Free calls between users, wherever they are located.
  • Link all offices and home workers to the same networked telephone system.
  • Disaster recovery options. Divert your phone easily through the web based portal if you are unable to reach your office.

Some features of our hosted VoIP system are as follows:

  • Hunt groups
  • Call queuing and automatic distribution.
  • Voicemail and unified messaging - option to forward voicemail messages to email.
  • Conference calling facility
  • Personal phone manager
  • Web browser portal to easily make changes to your phone settings and facilities.





Contact us today for the full list of features that are available.



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